The teaching staff in CCE fulfils all the necessary requirements according to the Bill of the National Education System.
The CCE teachers are methodologically and factually highly qualified.
They are experienced in teaching adults and they have an experience in work in different economy sectors, finance and administration.
During the didactic process the teachers join their knowledge with the skills of transferring to the students.
The CCE didactic staff consists of 100 lecturers, teachers of professions and trainers.
There are also 15 administration workers.

Ireneusz Szpara, PhD

Deputy Headmasters

Evening department
Elżbieta Morgoń-Ochman

Extramural department
Jolanta Dembińska

Out-of-school education
Ryszard Kłak

Chief of vocational training
Krystyna Prokop

Chief of practice firm
Teresa Różańska-Korczak

School secretary
Joanna Kołtowska

Personnel department
Danuta Bartkowiak

Chief accountant
Zofia Stankiewicz

Accounting department
Anna Pyżlak
Agnieszka Żaczek

Janina Stanik

Front offices:
of Evening department

Agnieszka Ożóg

of Extramural department
Marta Cieślik i Aneta Chodor

of out-of-school education
Karina Milewska

The Bytom University of the Third Age
Jadwiga Dworzak

External examinations
Aneta Chodor

Cashier’s office
Aneta Ćwieląg i Danuta Janik