The Centre of Continuing Education in Bytom (CCE) is a state educational institution concerning education and training of adult people. The CCE offers educational opportunities in the forms of evening, external and extramural classes as well as in a course and training system in The Training Centre.
The CCE is under pedagogical supervision of the Educational Department of the Town Council in Bytom and the Silesian School Superintendent.
In 1995 the CCE was acknowledged by the Minister of National Education as an exemplary centre of continuing education.
The CCE has the Silesian School Superintendent accreditation for providing out-of-school continuing education.
Within the CCE there is The Regional Centre of Distance Education. Its mission is supporting the development of non-stationary forms of adult people education
In 2006 The Municipal Council passed the bill concerning the nomination of the Third Age University in the framework of the CCE.
The CCE provides both Polish language and adaptation courses for the repatriates. The Minister of National Education commissioned the courses.
The CCE co-operates with The National Centre of Supporting Continuing and Vocational Education in Warsaw in the area of development and improving adult people education.
It also co-operates with local Labour Offices (District and Province) and is running the courses for the unemployed, preparing them for working in a new profession.
Within the CCE the Local Cisco Network Akademy. There’s also the Course and Examination Centre of European Computer Driving License (ECDL).
The CCE takes part in the international co-operation such as Phare, Socrates and Lifelong Learning programmes
In 2002 our school was named after Wojciech Korfanty-an outstanding Silesian politician and feature writer- a member of German Reichstag , Polish and Silesian Parliament.
From the very beginning of its existence, i.e. 1982, the CCE in Bytom is a co-host of the building at Powstańców ¦l±skich 10.
The building was erected in the beginning of the XX century as a girls’ catholic pedagogical seminar. A four-storey building creates a letter C in an urban planning. Even nowadays its eclectic style draws the attention of architecture connoisseurs.
Within the building there is The School Museum. It includes the collection documenting the history of The Centre of Continuing Education in Bytom and The State Building Schools as well as the history of Silesia region and its people.
On the roof of the building there is an observation deck modernised by the CCE. When the weather is good one can admire the lovely sights of Bytom and its area. The sights are available live on the Internet.

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